quite a fuss…

it has been quite a fuss, down here, my dad had an attack and was in the hospital for a week, then recovering, getting his speech back among other things; nowadays, there is more for me to do, got to lend a hand, and that is ok by me, that is… if i can get my own things done aswel… lots of misunderstanding… i hope it will get better… after all i am only human…and i am troubled too…

hope i can find the time to go to gallery nasty alice again… a good way to ease and distract my mind (make some photo’s; cus i am still learning….)

now i have been sober for a week (figuring… is it ok? should i do less, more? 1 beer in a week…that isn’t much, is it?) my body is having trouble with alcohol, a few beers is ok but it is realy wrecking me… again i am thinking about not drinking at all… but then, nothing, realy nothing? it still seems like a bridge too far…

after two and a half year of being a non smoker, i still have those moments i realy crave for a cigarette… awhile ago it was quite horror again, still fighting it…ghegheghe, but now more positive about it

breaking my other habits is coming aloong nicely, a little trouble sometimes, but it is ok, though i am gaining weight again (not good, pfff…) where the fuck is that coming from? working harder, and harder, and eating better and better, no fat, no Sugar… pffff…..(i guess i will be ok, but actualy i hoped for some weight-loss by now….)

i have been looking up some old stuff lately, giving most of it away, but strolling down memorylane too, and it is nice to be helpfull…

oh, i think there is some more work waiting for me, gotta go now, you behave, you hear!


Author: reepke

i am mostly self-tought (not hindered by any kind of knowledge); i play several musical instruments (and record some), i paint, i draw, i write poems (mostly in dutch); i film, fotograph, etc... i have a do-it-yourself attitude, and i am open source!

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