procrastination-glasses have arived!!!

i have been delaying for as long as i could, not that i hate the idea, but finaly i made up my mind; i am not putting up with it anymore, time to do something about it, for more than a year now, quite a lot more, my seeing has been crap, i couldn’t even read street-signs from across the street, anymore; i pat myself on the shoulder everytime i “recognized” a shield, but truth is, i don’t see dick anymore, so now word is out; finaly i have ordered me a pair of glasses…. ( 🙂 ), first one to make a funny move will be dead within secconds… yes! i can see you!

so i went to the optician, had my eyes measured, and a pair of glasses will come my way in about two weeks; a bill, a costly Enterprise… 550 euros, with every reduction, and Insurance support accounted for; wow, that is a lot of money for such a fragile thing! i wouldn’t if i didn’t have to…. 🙁

but happy now, it has been bugging me for quite some time and i feel a lot better now i took the big leap; it will take some adjusting, but i suppose i will be ok, it’s not the end of the world, it is not like i am getting weak in the brain 🙂

so now you will be able to read how glasses made my life absolutely fantastic…. ghegheghe





my glasses have arived!!!IMG_0490[1]you can breathe now…

i think i did rather well, didn’t i?

and a good day to you too…


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i am mostly self-tought (not hindered by any kind of knowledge); i play several musical instruments (and record some), i paint, i draw, i write poems (mostly in dutch); i film, fotograph, etc... i have a do-it-yourself attitude, and i am open source!

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