i have been getting bigger (fatter) and aswell as controlling my diet, i will try to do some sports; i did some fitness, but that isn’t helpful much when it comes to stamina, doesn’t help controling body-weight either; so for a while i have been trying to get some rollerskates; overhere only skeelers are easy to get by; when it comes to rollerskates almost none can be found; i didn’t want to order me some from the internet; never know what you get then…and i would have need for an internet-banking acount, wich i don’t have, and realy don’t want 🙂 but finaly my effort payd off, and i found me a pair (new) that suited me, and that fits too..; ghegheghe…

a few years ago i got me a pair of skeelers, and i realy couldn’t get used to them, i have been rollerskating for many years, and i realy didn’t want to switch, but it was the only wheels i could find… so they were collecting dust for awhile and i gave them away, just like the pair of skeelers i had before that; for the same reason, couldn’t get used to inline skating!

but now i have a pair of rollerskates again, and it feels great to be moving; at first i was verry weary; i wasn’t sure i would get the hang of it again, just maybe it had been too long, maybe i wus too old…but after a couple of times trying i am getting my skills back, for now it is just around the block, but i am getting the hang of it, and a taste for it too; more of a hunger actually…. 🙂

so… i am having fun, i am doing sports… and i am losing weight, after only a couple of times, maybe half an hour! and it feels great to be rolling again; it has been a big part of my life, and i welkom the oppertunity and the fun exorcise… it has been so long…rollerscates