thanks for all your kind remarks and the pointers that you shared with me; at the tempo mail comes in, i will not be able to keep them all, that, and sorry for those i mistakenly regarded as spam; a site like this is a lot of work… thanks for your support!! uptil now (though it’s a lot of work) i read everything, even the most Obvious to be spam…

maybe lateron today i will post some photo’s i made; i think those were a thank you from the gods, because i participated in the eye-contact-event; i finaly got a big bird of prey, before my lens, an actual free living hunter, here in the village; though there must be more, i think it’s exciting!!! and nice pictures too… i think i am growing… ghegheghe… might be glowing too…

i will put those pics on an extra page; they are interesting enough to look at, and look at again, not like a blog, where most of the posts are actualy old news…


thanks again,


damn!!! i fucked up… i still had my iso up…. wich means … no photo’s….helll!!! (i been waiting for so long… )

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i am mostly self-tought (not hindered by any kind of knowledge); i play several musical instruments (and record some), i paint, i draw, i write poems (mostly in dutch); i film, fotograph, etc... i have a do-it-yourself attitude, and i am open source!

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