I am sorry; I didn’t get it…

it seems i have followers…it seems i even have fans… i am sorry… i didn’t get it… i thought u wus spamming me!!!…. for a verry long time i didn’t get any mail other than… buy viagra!! (as if i had any use for it… gotta be with someone first, i think…) but since i am getting serious mail; then i think i should respond; actualy…. that was the point of this site; so; what has happened, until now; i mean what are my plans with this site?

i am trying to reccord some quena melodys (Original ones!) that and my native american flutes is what interests me most; but also, i am picking up to get some ideas for a few fotoshoots, so i can expand my photopage!! i have bought a better lens; and a better camera (so, get to it reepken; what’s keeping u…!!!) i haven’t been painting much, lately, in fact i gave away, all my leftover paints and brushes and stuff…so i don’t think i will be painting much for a long time; sorry… no inspiration… i could try collage (assembling pictures)- but then i have a lot of things going, and a lot of things on my mind too…

(about those things on my mind, still getting to grips with the fact that i am living on my own now, i got my own space; and most thing i need doing, i have to do myself- that’s a bummer!!! ghegheghe- more than 5 years since i’ve stopped smoking (that’s a lot better now; seems i am more of a happy camper now…) 1,5 years not drinking; not realy putting in much effort; and as a result of that; getting more and more stable in the head…now finance is another problem i have to tackle… i can’t go around acting on every whim anymore, and that is hard, i never realy had to look into that, but now i need things for myself, and i will have to save some money… like i did, to buy some better pots and pans… an airco…. soon the heater will need replacing… things like that, i have to be responsible….pffff…there is no punk or rock’n’roll in “responsible” gheghegeh…)

so hopefully we’ll get some nice weather, so i can work on my photographs… and some time too, inbetween repairs around the house, and talking to my shrink and my psychiatrist; there’s still quite a few things that need to be done- housework never realy ends!!

ah well it seems i have a lot of things… things… maybe i’ll talk some more about that next time; but i got my dutch site too!!

by the way; i am thinking about reviewing some hotels and bed and breakfasts, and some art exibbits, out here in eindhoven, and veldhoven, kinda like a special service… i get a lot of attention from abroad, so it’s like one hand washing the other, i kinda like doing that too…

so, reepken is signing off; stay well…


Author: reepke

i am mostly self-tought (not hindered by any kind of knowledge); i play several musical instruments (and record some), i paint, i draw, i write poems (mostly in dutch); i film, fotograph, etc... i have a do-it-yourself attitude, and i am open source!

One thought on “I am sorry; I didn’t get it…”

  1. O ja, de financiën. Dat is bij mij ook zo’n chronische klucht.
    Ik schuif altijd maar wat met die centen. En ik ben gek op “termijnen”.
    En verder ben ik de bekendste klant bij de Kringloop.
    En bij de supermarkt buk ik graag. Onderste schap bevat de goedkope meuk.
    Voordeel: ik blijf lenig door al dat bukken.
    Nadeel: niet té korte rokkies halen bij die Kringloop.
    Nou, en zo redt Bluesmama zich wel. Vooral blijven zingen.

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