I am sorry; I didn’t get it…

it seems i have followers…it seems i even have fans… i am sorry… i didn’t get it… i thought u wus spamming me!!!…. for a verry long time i didn’t get any mail other than… buy viagra!! (as if i had any use for it… gotta be with someone first, i think…) but since i am getting serious mail; then i think i should respond; actualy…. that was the point of this site; so; what has happened, until now; i mean what are my plans with this site?

i am trying to reccord some quena melodys (Original ones!) that and my native american flutes is what interests me most; but also, i am picking up to get some ideas for a few fotoshoots, so i can expand my photopage!! i have bought a better lens; and a better camera (so, get to it reepken; what’s keeping u…!!!) i haven’t been painting much, lately, in fact i gave away, all my leftover paints and brushes and stuff…so i don’t think i will be painting much for a long time; sorry… no inspiration… i could try collage (assembling pictures)- but then i have a lot of things going, and a lot of things on my mind too…

(about those things on my mind, still getting to grips with the fact that i am living on my own now, i got my own space; and most thing i need doing, i have to do myself- that’s a bummer!!! ghegheghe- more than 5 years since i’ve stopped smoking (that’s a lot better now; seems i am more of a happy camper now…) 1,5 years not drinking; not realy putting in much effort; and as a result of that; getting more and more stable in the head…now finance is another problem i have to tackle… i can’t go around acting on every whim anymore, and that is hard, i never realy had to look into that, but now i need things for myself, and i will have to save some money… like i did, to buy some better pots and pans… an airco…. soon the heater will need replacing… things like that, i have to be responsible….pffff…there is no punk or rock’n’roll in “responsible” gheghegeh…)

so hopefully we’ll get some nice weather, so i can work on my photographs… and some time too, inbetween repairs around the house, and talking to my shrink and my psychiatrist; there’s still quite a few things that need to be done- housework never realy ends!!

ah well it seems i have a lot of things… things… maybe i’ll talk some more about that next time; but i got my dutch site too!!

by the way; i am thinking about reviewing some hotels and bed and breakfasts, and some art exibbits, out here in eindhoven, and veldhoven, kinda like a special service… i get a lot of attention from abroad, so it’s like one hand washing the other, i kinda like doing that too…

so, reepken is signing off; stay well…


Author: reepke

i am mostly self-tought (not hindered by any kind of knowledge); i play several musical instruments (and record some), i paint, i draw, i write poems (mostly in dutch); i film, fotograph, etc... i have a do-it-yourself attitude, and i am open source!

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