for those who inmediately want to check out my new photo-page… it isn’t working up to standard; i promise i will look into it; but not now; i been working my ass off for hours, and still it isn’t working…bummer!

update: i been working hard at it; but it is still not working…. better… but not like it should be… damn! c’ya in another hour maybe… (fuck! i need a meal…)

update: last effort wasn’t as much trouble as i thought; went smoothly; i think that my photopages are working now… this site is getting realy big; gheghegeh….



update: by the way, you can download my pictures in way-big format, and print ur own poster with it; within a couple of clicks you get the Original (7 or 8 mb) picture…

Author: reepke

i am mostly self-tought (not hindered by any kind of knowledge); i play several musical instruments (and record some), i paint, i draw, i write poems (mostly in dutch); i film, fotograph, etc... i have a do-it-yourself attitude, and i am open source!